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L5 Lite 7mm 240GB SSD 2.5" SATA3

Brand: TEAM

Product Code: T2535T240G0C101

Availability: Pre-Order

Price: $138

Various capacities to choose from, and the performance is greatly enhanced L5 LITE solid state drive is using SATA III 6Gbps specification and there are 120GB, 240GB, 480GB, 4 capacities available to choose from. The sequential read/write speed is up to 500 and 400 MB/s. It not only greatly improves the performance of the computer, but also the best bargain for upgrading your desktop computer or laptop.

GroupName Name Value
SpecificationsFlash TechnologyTBA
SpecificationsForm Factor2.5 INCH 7MM
SpecificationsRead SpeedUP TO 530MB/S
SpecificationsSeriesTEAM L5 LITE
SpecificationsWarranty3 Years
SpecificationsWrite SpeedUP TO 400GB/S