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T-Force Vulcan Series Dual Channel DDR4 3000 MHz 2 x 16GB Red

Brand: TEAM

Product Code: TLRED432G3000HC16CDC01

Availability: Pre-Order

Price: $395
Team Group whole new overclocking memory series – Team Vulcan Overclocking
memory module is designed for the Intel next generation platform – Skylake Z170
Chipset. Xtreem is developed and certified according to XMP 2.0 standard. With
extremely strict burn-in test and worldwide MB certification, it provides the absolute
stability and reliability.
Team Vulcan inherits the multi-color radiating design - high efficiency forged aluminum
heat sink which mixes the different colors to create a strong personal style. You can
experience the high quality performance on Skylake Z170/Z270 platform by activating Intel
XMP. Team Xtreem overclocking memory is a perfect companion for overclocking
GroupName Name Value
SpecificationsCapacity16GB X 2
SpecificationsError CheckingNO
SpecificationsForm FactorLong DIMM
SpecificationsSeriesTEAM VULCAN
SpecificationsWarrantyLimited Lifetime